Email Reflector

NARA currently uses for bulk email communication.

  • To sign up go to and click on the "Join This Group" button part way down the page.
    • Another method is to send an email from the address you want to sign up with to:
  • You may have to wait before your subscription is approved before you start getting messages.
  • You then send your messages to in order to reach all the other subscribers.

We are experimenting with using Google Groups for Business to serve the same purpose.

  • Google Groups is a versatile tool, and has many configuration settings, it can serve as an email reflector, but also users can "...create collaborative inboxes, web forums, and Q&A forums."
    • These other applications however, require users setting up accounts or at least linking existing Gmail accounts, as well as more user involvement.
  • If you would like to join the testing of this new reflector to evaluate it, send an email to
    • If you are unable to confirm your subscription request (which would then still need to be confirmed by a moderator) because of a lack of an account, please contact the to get one set up for you.