• New Milford 146.730 MHz -600 kHz PL 192.8 Hz

  • Washington 441.850 MHz +5 MHz PL 203.5 Hz

  • Woodbury 444.800 MHz +5 MHz PL 110.9 Hz

  • Warren 53.970 MHz –1 MHz PL 110.9 Hz

  • All NARA analog repeaters are linked together. Please allow time for the linking to occur when using the repeaters. This is done by holding down the "Push-To-Talk" button for a couple of seconds before you start speaking.

  • Need help programming your radio? Come to the next club meeting or event, and we'll help you out!

  • The analog system is linked to the internet via EchoLink

  • Call: NA1RA-R Node: 1124

Repeater System Block Diagram


Other Repeater Documents

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